Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a small post...

To let you know we are all still breathing. My mom has been super bad and not cooperating with my needing to update my blog. However, her large project has ended-- so she thinks the long nights/weekends are over : ) My fur sister is doing awesome...here is picture of us from this last weekend
Let's see oter stuff thats happened since the snow storm...hmm daddy got a new car-- which I am not allowed to ride in, hmmph. I have gained a little bit of weight ( middle age hittin' me in my middle)-- and my mom chopped off all her hair!! And she died it-- i didn't know it was alive- but thats what she said she did-

It's been really poopie weather here so there hasnt been many walks (contribuitng to my weight gain)-- but our 1 week of spring is alsmost here before the heat wave all summer,lol. Ok, Im gonna play 2 months of catch up and see what all you doggs are doing!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holy Snow Day Batman!!!!

I wouldn't have believed it-- if I hadn't been outside myself. It snowed in Vegas-- and I mean Snowed!!!!!! I saw it when i woke up about 7am and it continued till about 3pm. I even have some pictures for ya of yesterday

This is how it was about 8am...Not very exciting i know-- wait it gets bettter-- i gotta build ya up.. so here is 830 am
and 9am-- and my mom and I are still in shock and I am surveying my domain ( and the nieghbors)
Here front of the house at around 11am

and noon!! It was great!!!
and here we are at about 2pm
Can't have snow without a little 'yellow'

Do ya like my jacket? Sorry it's last seasons..it will have to do

Here is close up of me in my front yard. I know it looks like Tahoe!

Hope all you other doggs stayed toasty indoors!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Guess whos bday it is today!!!

Yes yes yes-- It's my barkday today....I'm a whole 3 years old--which is 21 in dog years-- so in honor of this--- my furless sister has gotten in her birthday suit!! Let's just hope we dont look back on this when she is 21 and we find out she is posting naked pics of herself because of this post, lol.

It has been pretty busy around here--getting ready for xmas and all! We even took pics last night for xmas cards-- here's a preview : ) As you can tell-- I was thrilled.

I knowi keep saying I will post more-- i swear I will-- i just have to figure out how to open the laptop-- darn peeps with their thumbs!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Newest pics

I want to apologize for my posts not being very consistent-- apparently my computer access has been limited because my mom is still on a very critical project-- i hear it called 'heartburn', 'heartattack' and 'there-is-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel- I'm not quite sure what she is working on, but she has been working on it for almost a year and half.

Anyway--my photographer has been busy taking random pics .... almost none of them are of me...go figure. However, i still have the video to post from when Lucy came to visit!

In other news- my fur sister Munch went to live with my dad's friend Michael in Boston. Here is a pic of her and Six on her last day living with us. My mom got her 8 years ago but was really glad to let her have a new family.

Not much else to report--i am usually so excited for Halloween, but my mom has NO decorations up and i havent had to try on any costumes--she better dress me up!!! My favorite was my bee costume --it was the bestest! Anyways, hopefully there will be more to report tomorrow : )


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lucy the Cutie!!!

So my grandparents brought their new doggie to visit--- they were passing thru on their way to New Mexico (so where's Old Mexico?) The pups, Lucy, was the cutest ever!!! She is part Chihuaha and Poodle--Here are some pics of our short adventures.

Isn't she jus thte smallest thing you have ever seen? she is only 2lbs-- thats probably as big as one of Nanook or Pooka's poops! I have some video too..that i will post soon.