Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ok, so maybe I lied......

I thought I was coming out of hibernation...but little did i know my parents had other plans for me. Seems right about the same time-- boxes started appearing in the house. These were not boxes like from UPS that had stuff in them that mom bought either.. these were big boxes, that i now know are to put stuff in. I am now officially writing to you from Las Vegas!!!! Can you believe it!!! There are some pros and cons to this whole moving thing though, some of which I will elaborate on here.

1st off-- my mom is a nutjob during a move-- literally!! She was freaking out, screaming at escrow people for loosing our money, and the loan people for being incompetent.

2nd-- after 2 days of driving my mom stinked. I dont think i saw her change clothes for like 4 days ( note from mom: We had planned on driving straight thru 1 i didn't pack any clothes. So i had to take showers and then dress in the same was horrible) 3rd- we no longer have a backyard with grass and plants and stuff--its all dirt, and I hear will be that way for awhile.

Good things are I love my new house-- I never knew how much fun stairs were!!!! I LOVE them (video to be posted ina few days). And 2, my my mom is home all the time now, since she is working from home. So I am not in my crate all day long. Instead, I get to sit on my moms chair, slowly squeezing her off, he he! Here's a pic of the house

We haven't found a frenchie group here and my parents still havent found a doggie park..but it is SOOO cold here-- i wouldn't last 2 seconds outside anyway. My neighbors have 2 small dogs that hopefully I will get to meet we have discussions from our yards that are fantastic.

Well I know I have lots to catch up on..I promise I will catch up on all your blogs!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday and cool new year!!!