Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hibernation and Quantum Physics???

Where to start. Well I guess I should thank Miss Ruby for making me come outta my hibernation. Ruby seems to have caught on to a Parallel Universe where I am a Model. I knew I had it in me-- but it took that picture and my reading up on Quantum Physics and the Many Worlds Theory to realize that really is me in that ad!! I don't know how to explain it to my parents-- they just wont understand-- I guess in small in words like- woof and argggg and awrrrrwwrr. Well maybe that last one was a little to big for them.
I would love to have pics in this post, however my dad is out of town and has the camera and my mom can't find the old one. Maybe later this week it will 'show up'.
So... I should also apologize to all my fellow dogg bloggers-- I haven't read a post in over a month! So I have lots to catch up on. I heard there was even a Wedding!!! So I promise I will spend lots of time reading everyone's great wordly exploits.