Saturday, July 5, 2008

My new little sister is here!!!

Bernards mom here---

Well-- it has been very busy week and a half.
  • I went into the hospital last thursday 6/26 and was allowed to leave on Tuesday..

  • Bernard's new sister--Sloane was born last Friday morning 6/27

I am still trying to recover from an emergency c-section. Sloane was allowed to and come home on Wednesday after almost a week in a level 3 and 2 NICU--(criteria was she needed maintain her body temp and all EKG tests and bloodwork were good). The grandparents have also left-- so this is our first day without any help!!

Bernard is doing awesome with the new baby. He makes sure to check on her when she's crying and sniffs her a lot.

Here are the vitals for Sloane:

7lbs 2 oz ; 18 inches born 6:58 am