Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just a small post...

To let you know we are all still breathing. My mom has been super bad and not cooperating with my needing to update my blog. However, her large project has ended-- so she thinks the long nights/weekends are over : ) My fur sister is doing is picture of us from this last weekend
Let's see oter stuff thats happened since the snow storm...hmm daddy got a new car-- which I am not allowed to ride in, hmmph. I have gained a little bit of weight ( middle age hittin' me in my middle)-- and my mom chopped off all her hair!! And she died it-- i didn't know it was alive- but thats what she said she did-

It's been really poopie weather here so there hasnt been many walks (contribuitng to my weight gain)-- but our 1 week of spring is alsmost here before the heat wave all summer,lol. Ok, Im gonna play 2 months of catch up and see what all you doggs are doing!!!