Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hi guys--
I thought I would steal the computer from my mom-- so I could let you all know I am still alive. Yes... but barely. This PS3 has taken every breathing moment from my mom-- when she's not at work. And when my dads playing, my mom is doing her genealogy research. Apparently, she has been doing this for 7 years-- so way before I was born. But I am crying neglect. She tried to buy me off with a new 'long dog' in Blue-- but i tore into him and left the stuffing everywhere the first night. She asked for it. I also got some new bones-- but then I get in trouble when I try and play with it at 4am-- they cant decide on a time-- ANYTIME should be fine.
I have been keeping busy with my brother Six-- I know we dont look alike-- but we love eachother. I especially love biting his neck and licking his ears- He seems to love it, so why stop!?!

For the more observant-- notice my dad in background with the controller in his hands.. The same ones many of you have suggested I eat or pee on. Well, I have started my campaign.. and the first item I ate was the bluetooth headset my dad used to play MotorStorm. But I had a minor setback when a new one showed up in the house-- so I ate that one too-- my dad will never learn to keep those locked away, where Six can't knock it down for me (he he). My dad came home with a 3rd one-- but apparently he WANTS me to eat this one! I guess everyone can hear him but he cant hear any of them. Why is he sooo picky?

I guess in my hiatus there looks to have been lots of fun games going around. I hope my mom didn't ruin it for me. I will try and explain the importance of being social. I know she was very happy today because she got a new Coach purse. So maybe she will spread the happiness around and let me socialize. It is a pretty color-- but not as much as me : ) And I think my happiness is more important. Besides, she has a million purses and they just sit-- apparently she doesn't realize she can rotate her collection. Instead, she wears the same one everyday. And...if I notice these things then everyone else must too. Talking about purses and all-- I guess I am a 'Mutt-rosexual'--I think that's what my mom calls it anyway. Ok, I should go to bed-- my mom says it's late and that computer is ready to go to sleep ( I didn't know it sleeps!)-- So bye guys and I promise I will talk to my mom.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My weekend

Well-- this weekend was really boring. My parents played video games all weekend... VIDEO GAMES!!!! The new PS3 has taken my parents!!!! To top it off it was beautiful outside. Here I am lounging, wishing I could go outside and play..but noooo, my mean parents would rather play Oblivion or Resistance.. how old do they think they are..Geezzz..I mean, come on now!!!Aren't
you guys almost 40??? Am I asking too much? Just 10 minutes!!!! Ok, maybe 10 minutes out, 2 minutes in, 10 minutes out, 1 hour in, 2 minutes out...1 minute in...---I just love the climate change. And the treats, he he!
Well, hopefully this weekend my parents will pay more attention to me :)

I'm out---

Friday, June 8, 2007

My brother from another mother???

So gang--I have been anxiously awaiting for this particular post-- Everyone has done such a good job, that I hope my mom will pic the right picture of me/my human twin.

Am I a D-O-G-G or what!!!! I am tellin' ya'all that Snoop DOGG is my brother from another mother :)

Ok, my mom is making me get off here-- saying that just because I look like him, doesn't mean I should-bizzle act-izle like him... till then my **snizzles**

I am outta here

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hi everyone!

So today is my first blog entry ever!! And since Dad is soooooo cranky today, I decided now is a good time to stay away from him. First off, I want to thank my friend Ruby Bleu and her mommie Michele for showing me this great site! I am new at this-- so my first one will be short. This weekend has been great--I got my very own pool! Shouldn't I be Model?

Here are some other shots--

I swear i was happy!!

So the pool was fun for about 2 minutes, at best-- Not sure what the big deal was. I drank some water out of a really big bowl, geezzz! At least today they brought me to the dog park. I wish dad had been in a better mood, because it made me very cranky too--There were 2 dogs i DID NOT like--so i gave them the gremlin growl quite a few times. Guess that was enough for my stupid parents to take me home. They don't know what it's like for some one to keep smellin' ya and not givin' you your space---I mean who are they to smell my a#% like that. Anyway, here's some evidence that I was there for my French Bulldog Meetup. See the one on the right-- that has become my new enemy : ) BTW--I'm the one in the middle

Maybe he is just jealous on how handsome I am...Okay, I need to chase the cats right now. Hopefully Dad will be in a better mood after he plays some PS3 games ....bye!