Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My weekend

Well-- this weekend was really boring. My parents played video games all weekend... VIDEO GAMES!!!! The new PS3 has taken my parents!!!! To top it off it was beautiful outside. Here I am lounging, wishing I could go outside and play..but noooo, my mean parents would rather play Oblivion or Resistance.. how old do they think they are..Geezzz..I mean, come on now!!!Aren't
you guys almost 40??? Am I asking too much? Just 10 minutes!!!! Ok, maybe 10 minutes out, 2 minutes in, 10 minutes out, 1 hour in, 2 minutes out...1 minute in...---I just love the climate change. And the treats, he he!
Well, hopefully this weekend my parents will pay more attention to me :)

I'm out---


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bernard.
Its so sad you had to spend your weekend inside your house and even more if the weather was so nice.
I hope you have better luck next time.
I think you neet to have a serious talk with your parents!
Have a nice day

Ruby Bleu said...

Well Bernard I DID invite you to the BT meetup on Saturday but your Mom told my Mom it would be too hot. Next time I'll come and pupnap you ok!!! You need to get out and work on your tan!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Joe Stains said...

woaah I get ignored for those dumb video games too, what in the heck is that all about. it is either that or baseball. LAME

Simba said...

Wait until they go out and chew the controls.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

That is total neglect & I'm calling the ASPCA (once I figure out how to push the right buttons with my mushy nose). My Dad plays those video things too and he YELLS!! Mom hates video games but she's aways reading or watching movies. Lazy folks we have!

Hope next weekend is better!


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Bernard, As much as that sucks, you do look extremely handsome on the back of the couch.

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, I say chew the controls or pee on the box!

Oscar x

Boo said...

can't u sit on the control?? i bet they would stop immediately.

wet wet licks


Marvin The Dog said...

you look so sad there in thos pictures, I wish you could come and walk with me, we have long, long walkies here in Bonnie Scotland!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Buddy,
You look so sad.At my house my mommy reads or is on the computer...ALL-THE -TIME....

Sparky said...

I hope your parents will pay more attention to you this weekend! Lizzy has to pay more attention to me, too. She's on the computer too much!


Stanley said...


I'm with you, man! What is it with the hoomans? They have opposable thumbs, so they think they always have to use them.

Need some of us to teach them how to treat you, buddy? They obviously don't know how good they have it with such a patient boy as you.

Hurting for you, bud.

Goob love,

Balboa said...

THE NERVE!!!! I think you should poop all over their video games.

That would teach them a lesson!

Frenchie Snorts

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Bernard,

I have to agree with Balbao, just destroy that PS3 machine. It's evil evil evil!!

Balboa said...

Are your parents still playing video games. I hope they have time to feed, play, and spoil you.

Frenchie Snorts

Stanley said...

Where are you, Bernie???!!!

Love you, man!

Goob Stanley