Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hi guys--
I thought I would steal the computer from my mom-- so I could let you all know I am still alive. Yes... but barely. This PS3 has taken every breathing moment from my mom-- when she's not at work. And when my dads playing, my mom is doing her genealogy research. Apparently, she has been doing this for 7 years-- so way before I was born. But I am crying neglect. She tried to buy me off with a new 'long dog' in Blue-- but i tore into him and left the stuffing everywhere the first night. She asked for it. I also got some new bones-- but then I get in trouble when I try and play with it at 4am-- they cant decide on a time-- ANYTIME should be fine.
I have been keeping busy with my brother Six-- I know we dont look alike-- but we love eachother. I especially love biting his neck and licking his ears- He seems to love it, so why stop!?!

For the more observant-- notice my dad in background with the controller in his hands.. The same ones many of you have suggested I eat or pee on. Well, I have started my campaign.. and the first item I ate was the bluetooth headset my dad used to play MotorStorm. But I had a minor setback when a new one showed up in the house-- so I ate that one too-- my dad will never learn to keep those locked away, where Six can't knock it down for me (he he). My dad came home with a 3rd one-- but apparently he WANTS me to eat this one! I guess everyone can hear him but he cant hear any of them. Why is he sooo picky?

I guess in my hiatus there looks to have been lots of fun games going around. I hope my mom didn't ruin it for me. I will try and explain the importance of being social. I know she was very happy today because she got a new Coach purse. So maybe she will spread the happiness around and let me socialize. It is a pretty color-- but not as much as me : ) And I think my happiness is more important. Besides, she has a million purses and they just sit-- apparently she doesn't realize she can rotate her collection. Instead, she wears the same one everyday. And...if I notice these things then everyone else must too. Talking about purses and all-- I guess I am a 'Mutt-rosexual'--I think that's what my mom calls it anyway. Ok, I should go to bed-- my mom says it's late and that computer is ready to go to sleep ( I didn't know it sleeps!)-- So bye guys and I promise I will talk to my mom.



Ruby Bleu said...

Dear Bernard...
OMdOG...I was so worried about you! I keep looking at your blog everyday and hope I hear from you but nothing! I was so scared. Something REALLY must be done about this PS3 situation. You are being imprisoned by a videogame!!! Oh, and what's the deal with Six, are you sure you like hanging out with him? I mean for dogsake he's a CAT!!! Or is it you just losing your mind for being so neglected?

Hopefully the purse-happiness will set you free. Oh, my Mom wanted me to ask, didn't your Mom just get a new coach purse a few months ago...hmmm...

Anyhowl, glad you are back and check my blog to catch up!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Balboa said...

Dude, I'm so glad you're alive. Silly parents putting their lives before you. hmph!

I see, your mom is obssobsessed with purses too. My mom also has a hard time rotating, but she has to have as many as possible.

Oh, you and your brother are so cute, I like to lick my daddy's ears too~at least when he lets me.

Later dude,
Frenchie Snorts

Reina the Doxie said...

HI Bernard,
I got to know you from Ruby's blog.
You need a good chat with your mum.
And yes i can see your dad holding the controller! U should totally pee on that thing!
Being imprisoned is so so not right!
I shall talk my parents out of buying a Wii.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Bernard,
Phew, you are finally back in action. This is ridiculous..your Mom had time to get a COACH purse and no time for you to blog? Sheesh....

Stanley said...

Bernard!! (Mutt-rosexual - HA! You're killin' me.)

Glad you're alive, man. Ruby alerted us to your situation. Need me to come over there and bust you out? I can do it, if you want, plus I can add some muscle to whatever plans you have for your evil evil hoomans.

Who do they think they are???
Buying purses and playing that stoopid Pee Ess 3??? You must have hooomans that got stunted somewhere during their growing years! (or is it temporary insanity on their part?)

Welcome back. Blog again soon! I'll wait for the word from you before I make my move on your domicile!

Your Goober bud,

Stanley said...

By the way...

Your cat bro, Six, looks an awful lot like my Merv (except Six will cuddle with you and let you lick and bite him - he really loves you man).

Any advice for me on my cat, Merv? He's at the point where he'll sit still a little bit longer when I sniff on him. But that's it so far.

Goob love,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bernard
I am so happy to hear about you again. I was worried for you!
Sure you get along pretty well with Six, that pictures prove that!
My mom likes purses too but not as expensive as your mom's.
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

your life really is not fair at all! I mean seriously, a stupid game or you? I know what I would pick!

Toby said...

Hi Bernard!
We heard about your prison situation from Ruby's blog. You gotta do something about that PS3 thingy. I suggest chewing it up. I think that would do the trick. Or maybe do what Joey did and just chew up the control thingys.

Your brave to hang out with a cat. They scare me. But that's cuz I'm a wimp.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Bernard,
I was worried about you.I thought you took a long nap and forgot about us!
My mommy loved your mommys bag.
Good job on the chewing...keep it up and they will give you more attention..

Tadpole said...

Oh my dog - you're fraternizing with the enemy!!!!! Didn't you notice - Six is a CAAAAAAT!!!! Either your parents are brainwashing you into liking CATS with their PS3, or else something else is drastically wrong! I'm worried about you, man!