Saturday, September 8, 2007

Better late than never...

My mom is sooooooo lazy--- She finally got around to adding music to some videos from LAST weekend. I went to my cousin Sara's house because my dad was racing close by in the Giro di San Francisco (here's my dad's blog post about it) and they wanted to talk cars (Audi's of course)-- we have the bestest time-- her dad Jim (my dad's cousin) gives us pizzles and we get to play all day and night...Sara is the cutest and needs her own blog!! Her parents are super computer they have NOOO excuses.

Anyways -- heres us trying to play

And here is me going to town on a pizzle



wally said...

Those are some good soundtracks to your videos. I particularly like your bully stick video.


Lorenza said...

Both videos are great! Sure you had great time with Sara and your bully stick!
Have a good night

Simba said...

I bet your jaws are aching now.

Simba xx

Russell said...

love the videos


Clover said...

Hi Bernard!
I like your videos! Your cousin seems cool. And my mom says she just wants to kiss your face cause it's so smooshy. I think it's a compliment?
Love Clover xo

Ruby Bleu said...

Ohhhh Bernoober...Sara is a cutie! When she visits let me know and I'll come play too! Hey, does she tire you out as much as I do???

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Frasypoo said...

Hi Bernard
You look so serious when you eat.I do that too.Its whats important!!

Sparky said...

For some reason I couldn't see the first video, but I loved the second one! Thanks for sharin' them.


Ike said...

Chew a pizzle for me - my fave!

Stanley said...


Viva la pizzle!! Loved the vids.

It looks like you knew how to play, but Sara wasn't so sure that's what you were doing. I loved it when you kept vogue-ing at her, and she just stood there staring at you. That didn't stop you, though!

Goob love,

Tadpole said...

I don't see how in the world Sara was able to restrain herself around your charm and good looks?!