Monday, July 9, 2007

Non DOGG Recomended Site

So my mom is hijacking my blog and forcing me to tell you about something. If you are into music and like to check out something new---

She wants me to tell you about this great site called It 's this site where you listen to unsigned bands-- and buy 'parts' if you like them. When they have enough people backing them ( 5,000 parts total @$10 a part) They get the $50k to record a cd w/ professional contract and everything. The best part, if you believe in an artist and they reach their get residuals from every CD the artist sells, 2 dollars will be allocated to the Believers for every CD. The artist can set the price as high or low as they feel fit. SellaBand gets nothing from these sales. Also, SellaBand will sell the Regular version on its own website and through online partners and offline distribution. Of these sales, the net revenue will be split equally between the artist, your Believers and SellaBand. You also get money from advertising and such.

That being said, my mom believed in this guy named Jake-- called Cubworld-- my mom says he reminds her of Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and Sublime combined. They just had the webcast listening party--my mom says it was soo endearing to see him/his family, and be able to send IMs during the webcast. She loves his voice and wants everyone to listen to him. She says this is how you break past the sugar coated 'American Idol' Machine-- and find real talent. Is she saying Chris Daughtry or Kelly Clarkson aren't real. Well ,she does like Chris-- but she is telling me he was the exception.

K, In honor of the Tour, I leave you all with a great picture my dad found ; )

Bernard is out!!!


Tadpole said...

Hmmm... I don't really care one little bit about this.

But my girl seems pretty excited....

Tadpole said...

Oh, and my sister has a message:

With my girl it's Coach purses... we SHOULD get together and collect them all and sell them and buy gallons and gallons of treats to last us forever and ever. And toys too. But NO CLOTHES.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I want that cat.


Jennifer del Rosario said...

Hi Bernard! You and your mom are cracking me up . . .

You have to tell me how you get people to read and comment on your site. No one really does that for me. :(

I may need you to Guest Movie Blog Underdog for me and get a real doggy take on it. :) Maybe that'll get me more readers, lol.