Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Six and I-- video premier

Well-- I had this posted on youtube-- but I am not very popular there. So I have been trying figure out how some you smartie pants have ben posting video's---and I have figured it out. So without further delay, here is a short clip of Six and I.

My mom is going to be working on some other ones-- but I have a feeling they won't be as fancy! Here is a preview:

UPDATE: It may be hard to tell what I am hunting. Apparently, I am only famous in Nor Cal for my FROG Hunting skills...give it time I say, give it time : )

In other news-- seems our very own Joey Stains has been found on Animal Internet as The Featured Blog!! Wow I didn't realize I knew such famous and talented doggs.



Tadpole said...

Aha ha ha! I love that little hacking cough at the end of the second clip!

What were you hunting? I couldn't tell...?

wally said...

Whoa! Your mum should be nominated for an Oscar. And you as both Supporting and Lead Actor. Be sure they get the "big balls" part of your name right.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bernard
Six did a great job!
What are you chewing in the second video??

Peanut said...

oh you are a good frog hunter. I try to do that but my mom freaks out. She's afraid of frogs the weenie.

Joe Stains said...

ok first of all, YOU as the sidekick? I don't think so! ALSO my mom HATES frogs so she loved that video!

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, I so need to teach Flakes to open the door for me, nice work Six!

As for the frong hunting, what can I say? I klove the calm, laid back approach you take!

Oscar x

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Bernard...
You look so manly in that jacket!!! Everytime I see that video of you and Six I just laugh and laugh!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Balboa & Mommy said...

That Six is very tricky, but you are the cool one dude!

Love the video and the frog hunting,

Frenchie Snorts

Peanut said...

I gave you a rockin guy blogger award go to my blog to check it out.

kassi the doxie said...

dear frogdog -- you are the best froghunter ever! I can't quite get over your tolerance of that cat, but at least she is useful. Maybe I need a cat afterall.


Kara said...

Hi Bernard!
Sorry it took a long time to respond - it's been busy at our house!
The FlatNosedPup's daddy bikes too, but none of them are named for a rider. Are you watching the Tour now that most of the big riders are out?

Simba said...

Frog hunting looks like fun. Its on my to do list now.

Simba xx

frogdogz said...

My guys hunt garter snakes. And catch them. And, ummm.. sometimes eat them, if I can't get them away quickly enough. I guess it's all just part of being raw fed Frenchies...

Stanley said...


Don't tell me you're going to be getting your own show on Animal Planet. Am I right? Bernard... Intrepid Frog Hunter!! (You can speak in a French accent and everyone will love you).

Your hunting garb is quite dogly! Bet all the pupgirls are swooning at what a hunter-gatherer you are.

Your goober bud,